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About Us

Quick Consulting, Inc.
1665 Juliet Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105

QCI Solutions was founded in 1997 to help companies automate business processes using personal computer desktop tools. Our consultants develop software solutions to to simplify everyday business challenges.

We have specialized in creating Microsoft-based applications for any size company that were too specialized to be purchased off the shelf. We have also created solutions that were used to automate an entire small company. Over the years, our consultants have created a wide variety of programs for a wide variety of clients. With our vast history of applications, we can quickly create a professional, user-friendly application to suit your exact needs.

We are located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, but we have created many applications while being off-site. Our applications are designed in a way for us to easily send updates as work is completed so that we save you the time and cost of having us work on site. Also, our consultants are willing to travel, if needed. We have worked in Illinois, Michigan, Florida, and Georgia.

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