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Are those spreadsheets getting a little too big to manage? Are you having trouble finding a program that does exactly what you need? Did you have someone create a database for you that is not living up to your expectations? Need some enhancements to an existing database? We can help! We can convert spreadsheets or other data to Microsoft Access quickly. We also can quickly convert previous versions of Access databases to a newer version. We have extensive experience with every version of MS Access from 2.0 to 2003.

An Access database can manage that workflow and make it more efficient. Our goal is always to integrate existing procedures, work with you to simplify the processes, speed up the flow, and make everyone more productive. In addition to programming new systems, we can help redesign the workflow and teach your employees to use new technology effectively. Our consulting pays for itself in lower employee expense and greater bottom-line profit.

We listen intently to our customers. We are known for having the ability to understand clients' business issues and effectively translate them into useful computer applications. We use a combination of business intelligence, smart development techniques, and a vast library of existing code libraries to deliver to our clients the best possible solutions. QCI Solutions helps you identify business problems, so that you receive solutions vital to the success of your business.

At QCI Solutions, our expertise in relational database design dates back over 10 years. We have used Microsoft Access almost exclusively for our database development needs. Access has proven to be a powerful and flexible platform to get the job done with rich features such as relationships, queries, modules, forms, ASP, reporting, SQL support and much more.

We specialize in developing applications and office solutions in Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, SQL Server, and Microsoft Office. Whether you need a major program developed or help designing your own solution, we can help. We have many pre-designed programs and functions to help us create new applications for you quickly and easily. No program is too big or too small.

Access is easy enough for you to use it on your own to manage lists and  develop your own applications, but Access is also a powerful, relational, multi-user database. When you have a business need for a complex business information system, then even PC power users are likely to encounter difficulty. Our consultants are extremely knowledgeable and our applications are data rich, with smooth, business-like user interfaces.

If you're thinking you need to upgrade to something more powerful than Access, we have the option of using SQL Server as the 'back-end' for storing your data, but retaining Access for the 'front-end' development. This gives you the power of SQL Server but the ease of use and rapid development of MS Access.

In addition to developing new applications, we can provide project planning, project management, software training and support.

Free no-risk consultation!
Initial consultations are free! Need some advice on a database problem you're having? Want to discuss the feasibility of using MS Access for an idea you have? Contact us for a free no-risk initial consultation.

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