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MS Access
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Database Software Design and Development

QCI Solutions is a consulting company located in Saint Paul, MN that specializes in Microsoft programming. We provide quality programs quickly with great customer support.

We specialize in mid- to small-sized companies. We pride ourselves on being able to enhance your business, not just write you a program. We learn your business and how it works and then focus on solutions to make your business run smoother, leaving you more time doing what you want to do instead of the data entry that you have to do. We can design custom databases that are flexible and are easy to maintain and manage. Whether you're starting a new development project or need help with an existing application, we have the knowledge to help solve almost any problem.

We have found that it is not the tool that determines greatness, but the people putting it together. We have found we can quickly create very good programs using MS Access for a fraction of the amount it would cost for us to design a similar program in another application. The option of upgrading to a more powerful system is always a future possibility.

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