QCI Solutions

Microsoft Access Specialists

QCI Solutions is a consulting company located in Saint Paul, MN that specializes in creating business applications using Microsoft Access.

Are those spreadsheets getting a little too big to manage?

Are you having trouble finding a program that does exactly what you need?

Did you have someone create an application for you that is not living up to your expectations?

Need some enhancements to an existing MS Access database?

We can help!

Whether you're starting a new development project or need help with an existing application, we have the knowledge to help solve almost any problem. We can design custom databases that are flexible and are easy to maintain and manage. We have found we can create incredibly good programs using MS Access for a fraction of the time and money it would take to design a similar program in another application.

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1665 Juliet Avenue
Saint Paul, MN, 55105

About us

QCI Solutions was founded in 1997 to help companies automate their business processes. Our consultants develop software solutions to simplify everyday business challenges.

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